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          Latest about COVID-19 and W&M's Path Forward.

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          A Year of Hard-Won Success


          Dear William & Mary Community,

          In 2020-21, facing unprecedented challenges, William & Mary adapted and came together with creativity and determination. Our annual Year-in-Review reminds us that we have much to celebrate.

          • We held firm to our commitments to keep our university safe while continuing to advance learning and research, through in-person and virtual experiences.
          • Students, faculty and staff completed thousands of service hours.
          • Faculty adapted to remote and hybrid teaching across every discipline and school, sustaining our reputation as one of the nation’s top universities for exceptional teaching.
          • Alumni joined in 800+ programs and events and led breakthroughs in COVID-testing and vaccine development.
          • Students received international recognitions in science and innovation.
          • William & Mary was ranked as the best public university in the nation for internships and community engagement.
          • We launched a university-wide campaign, going All In to advance excellence and equity in W&M Athletics.
          • We broke ground on Hearth: Memorial to the Enslaved. In May, we closed out our academic year with an unprecedented six Commencement ceremonies.

          These are a few of the hard-won successes that position William & Mary to thrive in the years ahead. I hope you take great pride in all that this compassionate community has accomplished together.

          Best regards,

          Katherine A. Rowe