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          Standing Together

          As a public university in Virginia, William & Mary is called at this moment to condemn the violation of individual rights, to name our grief and outrage for the killings of African American citizens by those who should protect their rights, and to stand together in support of peaceful protest. 

          We speak with different voices, from different positions and experiences, to affirm the tenets of a pluralistic democracy.

          Events | Messages | Resources

          Diversity & Inclusion

          The Office of Diversity & Inclusion helps to prevent discrimination and harassment, is committed to creating a university community that is representative and inclusive of individuals with different backgrounds, talents and skills, and works to ensure that William & Mary is a community where all faculty, staff and students feel supported and affirmed.

          The Lemon Project

          The Lemon Project is a multifaceted and dynamic attempt to rectify wrongs perpetrated against African Americans by William & Mary through action or inaction.

          Center for Racial & Social Justice

          The Center for Racial & Social Justice will work to advance the cause of racial and social justice by educating students and the broader community, building students’ capacity to engage in antiracist and social justice work, and engaging in legal and multidisciplinary research and advocacy aimed to inform the public, advocates and policymakers — both in the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationwide.

          Racial Justice & Social Reform Speaker Series

          July 13 - August 10, 2020
          The Student Assembly and the Student Bar Association have partnered to create a virtual campus-wide Racial Justice & Social Reform Speaker Series. Recognizing the importance of education at this moment, the goal is to keep the momentum going to engage students, faculty and staff in various aspects of the current social movement throughout the summer.

          A Candlelight Vigil

          June 9, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. ET
          President Katherine A. Rowe and members of the William & Mary community gathered in solidarity for a virtual candlelight vigil in remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and so many others.

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          Message from President Katherine A. Rowe

          From acknowledgement to action

          Message from President Katherine A. Rowe

          Reflections on the Role of a University in this Time of Crisis


          Message from Provost Peggy Agouris, Senior Vice President Sam Jones, Vice President Ginger Ambler & Vice President Amy Sebring

          W&M Stands Against Racism

          Message from W&M Police Chief Deb Cheesebro

          A Commitment to Bias-Free Policing

          Message from The Lemon Project Team

          Statement on Current Events

          Message from the Student Assembly

          Great Allies Act, but the Best Listen and Empower

          Message from the Staff Assembly

          Response to Racial Unrest

          Message from Undergraduate Admission

          A Statement of Solidarity

          Message from the W&M Alumni Association

          Taking Action, Together