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          Latest about COVID-19 and W&M's Path Forward.

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          Our Applications

          How to apply for a one of a kind education.

          The Common Application (Freshman & Transfer)

          For 17 years, William & Mary has been a member of the Common Application. Comprised of nearly seven hundred colleges and universities throughout the world, the Common Application is a not-for-profit member organization committed to the pursuit of access, equity and integrity in the college admission process. Colleges request a large amount of information from applicants, and the Common Application simplifies the application process by collecting much of that information all in one place. The Common Application also enables students to stay on top of deadlines and manage school-specific tasks, all without leaving the Common Application system. You can begin building your application portfolio at any time.

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          The Coalition Application (Freshman ONLY)

          William & Mary is proud to be a member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success. The Coalition comprises over 140 of America’s leading colleges and universities, and is dedicated to making the college search process accessible for students across the nation. A free suite of online college planning tools will provide a single, centralized toolkit for students to organize, build, and refine their applications. You can begin building your locker portfolio at any time.

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