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          Latest about COVID-19 and W&M's Path Forward.

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          Fall Focus Days

          Get a peek into the William & Mary experience during one of our comprehensive weekend programs!

          We invite you to (virtually) see our campus and hear from our world-renowned professors and faculty. We know getting a sense of belonging from a virtual visit can be tough, but we hope you’ll get a sense of our tremendous academic opportunities and learn more about the student experience.

          Fall Focus Day events are designed to introduce you to many elements of the W&M experience. Hear from faculty, students and community members from different academic sectors about the many reasons they feel the university is a unique environment in which to learn, play and grow. Each event will focus on a particular academic area so that we can showcase all of W&M’s wonderful programs. The day includes a panel of current students plus faculty and campus administrators, an information session given by an admission dean, and most importantly, an inside look into the W&M community.We can't wait to welcome you to our community!

          For this year's Fall Focus events, the themes include:

          September 12, 2020: STEM & Pre-Medicine

          September 19, 2020: Undergraduate Business & The Arts

          September 27, 2020: International Relations, Government & Pre-Law

          October 3, 2020: STEM & Pre-Medicine

          October 24, 2020: Undergraduate Business & The Arts

          October 31, 2020: International Relations, Government & Pre-Law

          November 7, 2020: Academic Advising & The COLL Curriculum

          Registration for our Fall Focus Days has ended. Please join us next fall!

          Please contact [[caburnett, Assistant Dean Christian Burnett]] with any questions or concerns.