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          Changes To Parking & Transportation for FY 20-21


          The below changes to Parking & Transportation on campus are the result of many months of work by the Parking Advisory Committee reviewing and considering recommendations for improvement from the 2013 & 2019 Walker Study. These changes have in turn been approved for implementation between July 1st and Sep 1st by the Executive Leadership Team of the College.

          Full Description

          The W&M Executive Leadership Team has approved 3 of the Parking Advisory Committee & Walker Parking Recommendations for immediate implementation as a phase 1 approach to the changes. Phase 2 contains additional measures designed to continue to improve the parking experience for our customers. Phase 2 will be held for FY22 or possibly FY23. There are additional budget considerations and we may need a second year to establish consistency before making additional adjustments. 

          Change 1 - Primarily moves Resident Student parking out of core of campus and realigns Day Commuter parking into larger collectives.

          • Grad Plex residents will no longer be authorized to drive across campus to park on level 2 & 3 of the deck on Ukrop Way.
          • The Zable Stadium lot will change over in it's entirety to Faculty & Staff parking. 

          Change 2 - Convert 154 spaces in designated areas for daily use by campus guests and non-affiliated visitors. These visitor areas will be managed through the use of the Passport Pay-by-phone app, with at least one kiosk for people not comfortable paying by phone

          • Kaplan lots are designated as visitor parking for special events during normal business hours
          • Discontinue departmental issue and use as much as possible of scratcher passes. All guests will be referred to the nearest visitor parking area. 
          • Discontinue set aside of parking in primary Faculty, Staff, or Student areas. Department event coordinators should contact parking when a set aside is required. These allocations will be scheduled in the nearest designated visitor area. For more information email Parked@wm.edu or Wxhora@wm.edu 
          • Faculty, Staff, and Students may not park in designated visitor areas, those affiliations who should must purchase the appropriate decal or shorter term parking pass.
          • Effective Sep 1st the following areas will be designated for visitor parking (24/7/365):
            • Morton Lot - 25 spaces
            • Rear Swem Lot - 18 spaces
            • Compton Lot - 10 spaces (upon completion of renovation) 
            • Old Dominion lot - 35 spaces
            • Dawson Circle - 25 spaces
            • Admissions Lot - 25 spaces
            • Ewell Circle - 6 spaces
            • Law School Circle - 10 spaces

          Change 3 - Establish In-house shuttle routes to compliment the WATA Green line (Route 8) and provide frequent and consistent access to areas not served by the larger bus.

          • This change is on hold until our COVID response posture allows passenger seating limits to be lifted. The current limit of 3 passengers renders the service innefficient and impractical to run at this time.    
          Please direct all questions and concerns to Parking Services at Parked@wm.edu, Transportation specific questions can be sent to Transport@wm.edu