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          Student Permits

          William & Mary students who commute to campus and students who have achieved social class status of Junior or Senior who live in university administered housing (including the Ludwell apartments & Richmond Hall) are eligible to purchase a William & Mary parking permit.  Graduate students who live in the Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Graduate Complex (referred to here as Grad Plex) qualify for the Grad Plex decal.

          Purchase your permit online.  Have your vehicle registration and proof of insurance prepared as a small .jpg or .pdf document.  If your vehicle is already registered, check the vehicle descriptions are up-to-date, then simply proceed to permit purchase.

          Link to Parking Portal
          Register and Order Permit
          Commuter Day Permit explanation with example
          Commuter Student Permit (Day Permit)

          All individuals classified as students by the Registrar who do not reside in university administered housing purchase the Day Commuter permit after registering their vehicle.

          day-student-hangtag.jpg  COMMUTER - DAY (White Hangtag)

          Students with Day Permits may park in areas marked as Day Student and Permit Only. They may also park in Faculty/Staff spaces on the weekend (Sat. & Sun.) and after 5:00pm. Students must move their vehicles from Faculty/Staff spaces by 7:30am, Monday through Friday.

          Day students may register up to two personally owned or family vehicles to a single hangtag.

          Resident Permit explanation with example
          Resident Student permit

          All individuals classified as students by the Registrar, who reside in university administered housing and have completed at least 4 regular semesters (fall, spring) achieving social class of Junior or Senior. Students who reside at Ludwell and Richmond Hall meeting the above criteria also qualify for a Resident decal.

          resident-decal.jpg RESIDENT (Yellow Decal)

          Resident students must abstain from driving to class to help reduce parking congestion and to provide other residents across campus with availability of resident spaces. Students with resident decals may park in Permit Only spaces. They may also park in Day Student and Faculty/Staff spaces on the weekend (Sat. & Sun.) and after 5:00pm. Students must move their vehicles from Faculty/Staff and Day Student spaces by 7:30am, Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted in #9, Parking Regulations.  Exceptions to the aforementioned post-5:00pm Faculty/Staff privilege are the reserved-at-all-times Fac/Staff areas and spaces which are marked by signage.

          Grad Plex permit explanation and example
          Graduate Student Permit (Grad Plex)

          Graduate students who live in the Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Graduate Complex (referred to here as Grad Plex) qualify for the Grad Plex decal.

          gradplex-decal.jpg GRAD PLEX RESIDENTS (Gold Decal)

          In addition to the rules that apply to a yellow resident decal, this decal is also valid in the Grad Plex lot and Permit Only lots.

          Evening permit description
          Evening Commuter Student Permit

          Students whose classes begin after 4:00pm, or have no need to park on campus before 4:00pm, and who do not reside in university administered housing qualify for the Evening permit. After 4:00pm, they may park in any faculty/staff, day student, and Permit Only spaces unless posted as faculty/staff at all times.

          evening-hangtag.jpgCOMMUTER - EVENING (Yellow Hangtag)

           Evening students who have a frequent need to park on campus before 4:00pm may purchase the Day Commuter permit, as no provision is made for the Evening designation prior to 4:00pm.  Evening students who have an occasional need to park on campus before 4:00pm must obtain a Temporary Day pass, which allows parking in Day and "Permit Only" areas. Contact Parking Services via email at parked@wm.edu for more information.

          Evening students may register up to two family owned vehicles under a single hangtag.

          Long-Term Storage permit explanation and example
          Long-Term Storage Permit

          Resident Students who do not require frequent and regular use of their vehicle may opt to purchase a long term storage permit instead of a main campus permit at ½ the cost.

          long-term-storage-hangtag.jpg  Long-Term Storage (Silver Hangtag)

          This permit authorizes long-term storage at the School of Education Lot 3 Only. This permit is not authorized on the main campus at any time without purchase of an additional temporary pass. Students can access the School of Ed lot 3 by way of the WATA Route 8 - W&M (Green) Line daily or the walking path from the Campus Recreation Center.  Requests for this permit are submitted using a General Exception to Policy form.

          Restricted Permit explanation with example
          Restricted Use Permit (Freshman & Sophomore Exceptions)

          The Restricted Use permit is available for freshmen and sophomores who have obtained permission to have a vehicle registered on campus.  After submitting a request for exception, please allow two (2) weeks from submission for the approval process.  More information on the exception process can be found in this brochure: Exception to Policy Process.  *Due to COVID-19, disregard instructions to come to the office; you will be contacted by our office with instructions once your exception is granted by the appropriate department.

          restricted-use-decal.jpg  Restricted Use (Silver Decal)

          Students who have obtained this permission will receive the permit at a cost of $375.00 upon registration. Permission may be granted for employment reasons (at least 10 hours per week), for medical necessity, or for approved volunteer service (at least 10 hours per week). 

          Restricted Use permits are also issued to students and staff members who have had their privileges to park on campus restricted to the Kaplan Arena (formerly W&M Hall) lot (see Restricted Privileges). Persons with restricted privileges and the Restricted Use permit must park in the Kaplan Arena lot only from Monday at 7:30 a.m. until Friday at 5:00 p.m.  Athletic events may effect this; be mindful of signage and announcements. No parking in metered or timed spaces at any time, unless the space is also designated as a load/unload space then the specified load/unload time limit applies.

          Carpool permit explanation and example
          Carpool Permit

          This is an option for Commuter Students Day, VIMS Students, and Faculty/Staff who desire to carpool and share a hangtag with members of like parking schemes.

          carpool-hangtag.jpg  Carpool (Black Hangtag)

          The program allows up to three (3) separate owners and at least two (2) owners to register their vehicles under a single carpool agreement. Carpool designated spaces have been placed throughout the campus in high demand areas (Parking Deck, Law School, OD Lot, School of Ed, and Yates Lot). See Carpool section for additional details of the program.  *Due to COVID-19, the in-person requirement is modified; email Ms. Mahar (blmahar@wm.edu) or Mr. Radcliffe (vkradcliffe@wm.edu) for instructions.

          Click here to view a step by step guide that will walk you through the process of ordering a Student permit.

          For commuter students only needing to park on campus a limited number of days, one-day passes can be ordered with this form: Parking Passes Request form