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          Michael Davis

          Air Combat Command Contract Specialist, U.S. Air Force

          Program: {{https://graduate.mason.wm.edu/mba/,Master of Business Administration}}

          Michael Davis is a four-time Boston marathon runner, Airforce contract specialist, Minecraft player, and someone who finds integration, collaboration and community a fundamental part of every environment that he enters. A graduate student on pace to earn his Master of Business Administration from William & Mary's Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Michael is legally blind. Despite that, he sports a 3.71 GPA, carries a civilian rank equivalent to major in his professional role at Langley Airforce Base and has run 16 marathons.

          Raised by a mother and grandmother who taught him hard work, perseverance and that he could accomplish everything through a sense of community, Michael has never let his disability get in the way of his goals. In 2018, he made history as the first runner with a disability to push someone with a disability in a wheelchair to the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Rarely, if ever, chosen for teams by other kids because of being blind, today Michael proudly says, “Now I get to make sure that people with disabilities are included in races.”

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