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          Steve Prince

          Director of Engagement & Distinguished Artist In Residence, Muscarelle Museum of Art

          Steve Prince is on a mission to deliver art to the people, people to the art and all of it to William & Mary’s Muscarelle Museum of Art. Steve is the museum’s first director of engagement and distinguished artist in residence. His approach of making art while interacting with and involving those around him is what makes him a self-described “art evangelist.” He engages others in an entire process around what he does, often referencing his native New Orleans, and themes of reconciliation and healing.

          Steve’s role with the Muscarelle involves fostering its outreach and educational programs, as well as functioning as an in-house artist. He uses the arts as a means to speak about really tough topics. Steve directed a class in which a cross-section of the community helped create a mural to kick off a yearlong commemoration of the university's 50th anniversary of its first African-American residential students. He similarly explored the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first captive Africans in Virginia, and has led talks and workshops with W&M’s Lemon Project.

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