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          Latest about COVID-19 and W&M's Path Forward.

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          The Path Forward

          Spring 2021 features a remote start to undergraduate classes, phased move-in for residential students and break days throughout the semester, all in support of successfully and safely convening in person at William & Mary. Visit W&M's COVID-19 Dashboard for campus and regional trends.

          Review the Expectations for Spring 2021 from President Katherine A. Rowe

          Join President Katherine A. Rowe and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci for the next Community Conversation on January 26, 2021 at 3 p.m. ET.

          Timeline Overview

          Detailed academic calendars are available from the Registrar's Office.

          A two column table with header cells in the first column of each row.

          Remote-work agreements automatically extend through the spring unless amended by a Cabinet member.

          • January 4: Classes begin for Executive MBA program
          • January 11: Classes begin for online graduate programs (Business and Education)
          • January 15: Move-in for graduate students
          • January 19: Classes begin for the Law School
          • January 22: Move-in for new students (transfer and freshmen), international students and freshmen who studied remotely in the fall
          • January 23-24: Move-in for returning freshmen and international students
          • January 25: Classes begin for Full-Time MBA, Flex MBA, MAcc and MSBA programs
          • January 27: Classes begin remotely for undergraduates
          • January 27: Classes begin for graduate Arts & Sciences, Marine Science and Education
          • January 30: Move-in for seniors
          • February 6-7: Move-in for sophomores and juniors
          • February 10: In-person and blended undergraduate classes begin convening
          • February 12: Undergraduate spring break day
          • March 4: Undergraduate spring break day
          • March 17: Undergraduate spring break day
          • April 6: Undergraduate spring break day
          • April 7: Undergraduate spring break day
          • April 26: Undergraduate spring break day
          • April 30: Last day of classes (Law School)
          • May 7: Last day of classes (Undergraduate, Graduate Arts & Sciences and Marine Science)
          • Last day of classes for Business and Education vary by program. See all academic calendars.

          We encourage you to review the current info available for students and families, faculty and staff, and alumni and friends, along with our most frequently asked questions.